Monday, August 31, 2015

How to say goodbye

For those yang tau
Aku keja kat company "besar"
Tapi bila company "besar" tengah downsize...
Impactnya besar pada kuli macam kami
Emosinya lebih pada manusia picisan macam kami

Last week few member aku listed kena terminate
Teammate aku kena 3
Diberitahu on Wednesday
Last day keja on Friday
Ade gak yang diberitahu on Thursday
My first word - KEJAM
My first sentence - no mercy gila diorang ni terminate staff

That friday was a gloomy day for us
Nak keja pon takde mood
After work gather semua buat simple farewell for them

Life goes on
Aku pun takleh confident level tinggi akan stay sana
Look at the bright sight
Dispite of all those fucking bosses and management who cause this,
Maybe this is the time for them & us to move on

Si polan.
Kekadang gatal je apply keje baru.
Bile dapat takmau.
Sebab saje test market.
Asal depress dengan keja je nak cari keja baru.
Hakikatnya tak pun.
But when this happen...
May this be the turning point for them to leave and get the better one.

Thats what happen.

When i refuse to not wear black just to show protes or mourn or respect those who been terminate...
That doesn't mean aku tak respect.
That doesn't mean aku abaikan.
That doesn't mean aku tak mendoakan kebaikan untuk kawan aku yang kena.
Kolot is not the suitable words for the situation perhaps.

Oh by the way...i'm not jesus lover who mourn by wear all black.

FYI. I grieve whole of my life without that black mode. Why should i do that now.

See you again
Al Fatihah