Monday, April 24, 2017

PJJ is hard

How hard is it?
So hard

5 days a week u're away
2 days a week u're together

That 2 days
2 damn fucking precious day
To do everything
Yell to each other
Cry to each other
Tell every moment that u've done for the rest of 5 days not being together.

But who will understand?
No one

Sometimes not even your partner
Which including me

If for a normal relationship, 
assumption is a torn to any communication...

But for long distance relationship?
We may call assumption is like a poison.
U make any assumption bout your partner?
Trust me.
U're poisoning your relationship inch by inch

Now u know
How communication is top priority in any relationship.
U being silent,  u're dead
U making assumption, it's a check mate.
U'll see all those been jeopardise.

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