Monday, July 17, 2017

How it happened

Dear dad,

I didn't have baby anymore
We can't make it
It happened so soon.

Let me tell you how

On 5th day warded
I've that instinct something gonna happen
Usually I didn't wore pad as nurse's asked me to.
But that night i did.

7pm. Visitors can't be in ward.
So my husband gotta back home.
I've already feel the pain.

750pm. Gonna pee n get wuduk
Then I have some blood clogged hand size out
I'm shaking.
I'm afraid
I'm crying and bring it to nurse.
They said it's ok.
I need to bed rest.
I still can smell it.
Fresh blood.

As Iying on my bed
I can feel those blood still keep flushing out.
15 minutes later, I shout to call nurse
I need to pee, I said
But I can't get up
I cramped.

She got me this pan to pee on.
I'm half squat.
As I started to pee
More blood clogged coming out
Twice as i remember
They gave it to doctor for checking.

Few minutes later. 
One of those nurse said.
It's ok, u can try again
The baby already out.
That night.

I'm in my confinement now.
Hoping to get better
Dreaming better health
Trying hard to be better

Wish me luck dad

I love u

We'll gave u new clan once we ready then :)

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