Tuesday, November 27, 2012


"I was at Hotel The Westcliff in Johannesburg dan terdengar a Malaysian at the table next to the buffet area asking the waiter for sky juice. Betul saya dah lama tak dengar perkataan sky juice tu and I'm glad just now I heard plain water pop out your mouth."

"Relevant?" blur.

"Tengok muka waiter tu saya tahu dia tak faham Malaysian tadi mintak apa. Then he repeated himself tapi waiter tu tak faham jugak sehinggalah kawan dia terangkan sky juice tu sebenarnya plain water."

"Okay, again relevant?"

"Relevannya di sin, orang tu lucky he is not in the Bahamas. There, the waiter would have brought him coconut water mixed with alcohol, most probably gin or rum. In Jamaica, he would have been given shaved ice, flavoured with fruit syrup, somewhat like our ABC. Kenapa tak mintak plain water? It is simple and straight to the point. Isn't this how we should speak?"

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