Monday, June 3, 2013


Za... your blog are all full of your personal life especially regarding love. why don't ko penuhkan dengan xtvt's entry like latest u always did. makan review, movie review, shopping, hang out place, etc. Beside u can be the next kenis what if u rajin blogging buat review bagai.

Kawan...aku cadang kau lihat tab name yang aku already rename sekian lama. It's terapi-jurnal-kehidupan. Baca itu saja kau boleh faham. Enak atau tidak untuk kau baca dan hadam terpulang pada kau. Sama macam makanan. Sedap atau tidak terpulang pada kau untuk teruskan baca atau halakan tetikus lalu klik ikon X dihujung atas kanan itu. Senang.

Plus...i've start blogging since 2009. kalau blogging for famous tu tujuannye, lame dah aku buat. this is 0.045% part the other side of me. u definitely can't know me, judge me, describe me, dig about me, trigger something about me just thru this side. totally crack the relationship if u try to do dis pal. 

"you're a person that needs to be trigger out. we've been friend since last 9 years and u're a novel that needs to be read till the fin part. otherwise, they can't simply judge or say that they know you" ~ one of my best friend told me this. try me. u can't even read me... :)

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