Wednesday, April 10, 2013


being fake or real?
it's your own choice

talk about manners
it reflect parents thought

talk about attitude
it reflect your treat towards me

talk about image
it reflect your inner self

before act think
because sometimes you never know
how glamour you would be
when people start make you 
as a subject

before comment think wisely
because you never know
how even worse your side
because you never
look something worse 
about yourself

and i
i choose to be real
i choose to be honest
i choose to be free without camera
because this is not reality TV
where i have to fake every little thing 
just to make everyone loves me

i don't run with the crowd. i go my own way ~faz

*maafkan grammar yang kelam kelibut
d ckp much more better than kemajmukan bahasa si fashionista


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